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Today’s marital contracts for California couples

Livermore couples should learn how prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements may be able to benefit them in unique ways.

Couples that live in and around Livermore, California may have grown up believing that prenuptial agreements are only useful for very wealthy people. While that may have once been true, it is far from the case today. In addition to safeguarding valuable assets from loss in a property division settlement during a divorce, prenuptial agreements can also help to outline estate planning wishes and prevent unnecessary slander on social platforms. Postnuptial agreements can offer important help to stay-at-home parents as well.

Estate planning benefits

With the rise in second and third marriages in the United States, many couples find themselves in need of ways to protect the inheritance rights of children from a previous marriage. A prenuptial agreement can do just this. Wishing to maintain certain assets for one's children is important and that can involve cash or other financial assets, special family belongings and more. The plans for all such items after the death of one or both spouses can all be outlined in a prenup.

Protecting online reputations

It is all too easy for one person to make an unpleasant post on Facebook, Instagram or some other platform about a former spouse. In some cases, these posts can simply be embarrassing but they can also cause damage. Fox News points out that social media clauses are able to be included in modern prenuptial agreements to help avoid these situations.

Persons with business interests could potentially lose income due to some online post material, for example. These consequences should be considered and outlined in the clauses. The more detailed the provisions are, the more possible they can be utilized if need be. It is also important to make sure that all stipulations are logical and reasonable. This recommendation applies to all clauses, not just those relating to social media as per the Huffington Post.

Helping stay-at-home moms and dads

For people that are already married, the opportunity to outline certain protections in the event of a divorce is not lost. The Daily Beast provides information about how postnuptial agreements can be utilized and how they may be especially helpful for parents who choose to leave the workforce to raise their children.

The ability to earn a living after taking years off of a career can be limited, thereby making it important to provide financial stability for anyone willing to make that sacrifice. Postnuptial agreements can allow for this.

What should couples do?

Anyone in California wishing to learn more about prenuptial or postnuptial agreements should contact an attorney. Getting the proper input on how to draft legal contracts is always recommended.

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